Steven Robert Morrison​ 

  These things are always hard to write. 
  What do I want to say? What do you want to know? What to leave in and what to take out?

  I was born in the Yukon during the age of above ground nuclear testing and prior to the start of the space race. 
​ My interest in space began with reading about the US Air Force's X-15 rocket plane program and NASA's Mercury flights in National Geographic. Both were over at that time but they still fired up my dreams. I doubt if I was astronaut material medically-wise and not being an American curtailed my dream of making it into space. 

  Not long after that period, we  (my siblings and cousins) were sitting around one Christmas Eve and talking about what we would like to "do when we grew up". I said whatever a 10 or 12 year old boy would say, and my cousin Ly, said to me, "No, you are going to be a witch and tell people their futures".  Well, 35 years later ... Yeah, she was right. Incidentally, the exact moment she died, I work up with a start and in a cold sweat.    

  I had a very average childhood, imagine growing up in a town of 1400 people. School was boring, high school sucked, college was an epic failure. 

   Electrical Engineering @ DeVry Institute (now University)                                                                            Digital Systems Analyst @ Algonquin College                                                                                                 Software Office Management @ someplace I forgot the name
AND THAT WHICH SHALL REMAIN NAMELESSas it serves my current purpose. What could it be?

 Functioning now as a "Corporate Psychic" to adviser Personnel Directors and Politicians to Legal Criminologist, the last one,... yeah, I have advised "the cops and the law", I have lectured to police         as far away as Texas. The RCMP know me, the military have a file on me, and as for the "local cops, cherry tops", well without the word of a lie...  I found a body for them!!! 

  I traversed through a litany of strange and weird jobs, from groundskeeper at a campsite to a mobile home builder, and doing a number of things in a 5-Star restaurant to an international tax assessor for Revenue Canada. Yeah, from the tax job I made the quantum leap to corporate psychic by way of being a spoken word poet. During the "poet days", I was self-described and described by others as a "Poet, Lover and Cynic", it was good to be well rounded. That opened up my eyes to see that which could not be seen.    

  I am in love with the same sweetheart for almost the last 20 years. I like cats, cooking, most kinds of music, fast paced television shows, sports (watching, not doing), Ottawa Senators  and New England Patriots. I read biographies, alternative histories, adventure novels. 

Hobbies: I like to paint, draw,  I am totally into WREBBIT 3-D puzzle, cryptic crosswords, trivia, philosophy and debating/arguing.  As well as studying stranger things which are: arcane occult mysteries, old maps and atlases, graveyards and tombstones (Taphology)  and touring the back roads with my sweetheart (the love of my life) looking at offbeat real estate which has lead to the occasional very profitable flip.  

Now you know....
 s.r.m.  $13-11-15