The Needle

 A really really big thing, a piece of something is heading for Earth. Can an astronomer single mother of two, her estranged husband and an egotist save the Earth? ... 

​Too often we get some hero or heroine saving the day, but I doubt the Universe REALLY works that way...

LATE 2016

The Canon of Mars

A collection of short and mid-length stories set in the Universe of "Prophet of Mars". More on the main characters, new minor players and each is written as a stand-alone piece, and each will offer a twist and a hint of something new. Ongoing short stories

FALL of 2017

Prophet of Mars

A longer than average story about the what may be next stage of human development. Mix that in with love, hate, betrayal, conflict, religion and faith. Put in on Mars in the near future, and add in the many unknowns of human biology in space, and wrap it up as a story on trans-humanism and science. 


Steven Robert Morrison​ 

Paganism 101

Contributing Author

  Paganism 101 is an introduction to Paganism written by 101 Pagans. Grouped into three main sections, Who we are, What we believe and What we do, twenty topics fundamental to the understanding of the main Pagan traditions are each introduced by essay and then elaborated upon by other followers and practitioners, giving the reader a greater flavor of the variety and diversity that Paganism offers. With introductory essays from leading writers 

The Needle

A From far beyond the orbit of Pluto and object is heading toward the Sun. A young astronomer and her assistant race against time to save the world. From the American Midwest, to the Chilean Andes to Europe and South African, is this just chance or the truth of a prophecy foretold by the San people of Southern Africa?


The Book of Prose

A collection of poems and prose, from my long lost past. From the days of SLAM POETRY at the VOGON READING SERIES

An anthology with works from 
  -  Vampire Prose                  
 - No Stories About Horses         -   Prince Edward County                       Poetry Collective

FALL of 2017