Caswell Stewart, is a young astronomy professor along with her assistant Jax, they discover a deep space anomaly far beyond the solar system. Further study shows it to be heading into our solar neighbourhood at an amazing speed. Using real science and real resources mankind is in a race to save the world.

From Central Michigan to the high Chilean Andes, and from Hawaii to the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. the race is on. As it was foretold in the creation myths of the San peoples of South Africa, so it unfolds across the world.

"PROPHET of MARS" and "The NEEDLE" are available on both KINDLE and

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This is the Hermit Card, the 10th card of the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck. The Hermit, the source of, and the font of all knowledge: the obscure, the arcane and the divine. As well of all things beyond the veil: the terrible, the profane and the unspoken. 

   The Hermit is not the person that or the image that the popular use of the word, invokes The Hermit is not some crazed individual running half naked through the forest, spouting doom and cryptic prophecies. The Hermit is the sacred individual, who through struggle, thought and reason has divined the purpose of life and has the clarity of sight to know the unknowable. 

Roselyn St Croix, is a hydrologist on Mars. Set in the near future, the first human settlement on Mars faces a combination problems, both from within and from without. As well from the those on the quest for scientific knowledge and from those against exploration.

Those on Mars fight the power of corporate conspiracies, revolt against religious extremism and the discovery of an off-world fossilized organic material. This leads to those on the isolated station facing an uncertain future. All of this as well as dealing with the changes to what humanity is, and what constitutes being human.

Steven Robert Morrison

I have loved reading and writing for most of my life. It is strange how we can forget some aspects of our childhood. I had to ask my mother, if I read a lot as a child, she said I read everything. I have written things from the Book of Revelation in poetry to performance manuals for optical labs, to award winning reports for improved efficiency and productivity for the Canadian Revenue Agency.

I have written poetry that has been publish on four continents and translated to other languages, contributed to various international anthologies on subjects from the poetry of "urban despair" to essay on the fundementals of witchcraft and paganism. Currently my penned interest in science-fiction  


The Hermit has not distanced themselves from their tribe, city or society because they are lacking, they stand apart and alone because they see the madness that exists within that tribe, city or society. and they have walked away from all of the false gods that the masses seek, covet and yearn for. All those things are transitory, and the Hermit understands that and using their sight without ego can guide others, but those others must come to the Hermit seeking to be found.

RoseChalice Tarot (c)

 A mere 30 years ago, in an era of discovery, I had billed myself as a "Poet, Lover, and Cynic", as of now many things have changed a great deal, however I think more apt labels to apply to describe me for my modern would be, "Mystic, Writer, and Corporate Psychic".

 Yes, it is a strange transformation from one period of life to another, a stranger transformative shift from one intangible set of labels to an equally strange set... but that is all you need to know about me.  What you see today may not be who I will be tomorrow nor who I will be 30 years from now, perhaps who you see me as today, may not even be who I am today. 

I have done tens, upon tens of thousands of all types of readings, from in stables with goats to the NAC, from coffee shops to the elite private and public locations here in the nation's capital.

My forensic specialties have presented me with clients running the gamut from colleges and universities, to Fortune 500 companies, and police department and legal firms to political parties, and across North America from Ottawa to New York and Galveston to Las Vegas.