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This page may appear darker, with a black background and lacking the images of "angels" or "sunrises" or "puppies" that you may have seen on the pages of other psychic readers. That is because life is not all about "angels, sunrises or puppies". That type of imagery creates a false narrative of what these types of readings are all about. If your looking for a psychic to help you make a decision then likely your life does not currently have an abundance of "angels, sunrises or puppies" in a metaphorical sense. 

What you will get from me is honesty, it may not be entirely what you want to hear but is what the Universe is speaking. 
I have a saying that I tell people when reading for them in a face-to-face situation and when lecturing or speaking about divination matters:
    "Your friends will tell you what you want to hear,             Your family will tell you what they want you to hear,       I will tell you what you need to hear."

If you are having problems or questions, you may well have approached your family or your friends, and if you are still looking for an answer, that may be because you are aware of the fact that your family and friends have not given you a clear, fair and honest answer to your question

The primary information that a reader can give a querent (the individual asking for assistance with a personal matter) is honesty. The source of this information to a degree may be gleaned from many sources, the format of the question the posture and disposition of the querent, the presence and the forces around that person, but the main source of that information will be from what the reader intrinsically and intuitively feels from whatever divination tool the reader is employing. Be those tools Tarot cards, Runes, the Handwriting of the querent or by Face Reading. Or by other means, such as Tea-Leaf reading, Palm reading, Scrying with a crystal ball or tossing "bones" or reading liquid metal or any one of dozens of other divination methods

A deck of 78 cards comprised of 14 cards in four different suits (minor arcana) and 22 cards of special symbols and meanings (major arcana) 
​Are ideal for any issue from a minor event in their life, such as, "Is there travel in my future?" to a major issue in life, such as "Is this the right person for me?" to "Should I get married/a divorce?" to a generic question as, "What does the next year hold in store for me?" 

       In-Person - $80.00/hr / 3 Questions
       Email - -  $60.00 / 1,500 - 2,000 Words
       Facebook - - $60.00 / 2 Questions
​       Skype - steven.r.morrison - $60.00 / 2 Questions


Is an analysis of "how you look", it is judging personality trait by looking at your physiological facial and cranial characteristics: the shape of your ears, your eyes, the proportions of the width of your mouth. This kind of reading helps individuals understand how others both literally and subconsciously see them.       

       In-Person - $40.00
       Email - -  $30.00 / 1,000 - 1,500 Word Email
       Facebook - - $30.00
​       Skype - steven.r.morrison - $30.00

Using the forensic methodology developed by England's Scotland Yard, a sample of your handwriting can show various physical and psychological traits. These could range from being overly cautious in new endeavours to being overly optimistic, or from being too socially intense to how openminded or creative someone is.
       In-Person - $40.00/hr / 3 Questions
       Email - -  $40.00 / 1,500 - 2,000 Word Email
       Facebook - - $40.00 
​       Skype - N/A

These are a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They are from Northern European cultures, there are a number of types and variations of Rune set, however, the differences are minor, and regardless of the type used, there are corresponding or equal runes in the other systems. Runes can be used to answer the same types of questions as Tarot cards.        

      In-Person - $80.00 / 2Questions
       Email - -  $60.00 /  800 - 1,000 Word Email
       Facebook - - $60.00 / 2 Questions
​       Skype - steven.r.morrison - $60.00 / 2 Questions